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If you're wondering what Tools I use in my business...
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Obviously, as a business owner we have to invest in tools and education to have more leverage and to get better at what we do. Over the years I've come across a lot of tools and training. This is a list of some of my favorite tools, training and resources.

Many of these links are affiliate links, which means I may get a commission if you purchase. However, none of the fees of these resources have been increased to compensate me. In fact, some of the creators of these tools have given me special discounts that I get to extend to you!

Online and Social Media Marketing

Digital Mentor Revolution

Digital Mentor Revolution Live Workshop

Discover how to identify your unique strengths, package your knowledge into marketable digital products, and attract your ideal audience. Chart a path towards a meaningful and prosperous digital future.

The Ultimate Branding Blueprint

Do you need to create a blog for your brand or business? This training course provides you step-by-step instructions to build an Online Brand, Blog and Sales Funnel that brings you prospects 24/7 on Autopilot. This is the course that I purchased to help me design my blog and website! 

Shuffle by Elify

Shuffle by Elify

I love this service! This tool adds a personal touch to my virtual world. Everyone knows you Need that personal touch to stand out in a crowed world. It is more than a digital business card where you can create a mobile landing page. You can also add contacts, update records and schedule follow-ups so your leads and contacts never fall through the cracks.


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