Productivity Tips

Every day has its own set of distractions.

We get sidetracked from our plans and challenged by unexpected events that "pop up." 

You name it - TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Kids, Friends, Family, our bad habits, etc. 

All these things can contribute to our lack of focus and wasted time.

However, there IS hope to conquer and fight against scatterbrain and procrastination.

Not sure where to begin? 

I've got you covered with these productivity tips that I'll share with you.

Productivity Tips - How to Stay Laser Focused In Your Business and Personal Life - Episode 2

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Productivity Tips

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Productivity Tips – How to Stay Laser Focused In Your Business and Personal Life

Let's dive in and go over these 5 productivity tips to fight against scatterbrain and procrastination.

Productivity Tips #1 - Track, Track, Track

Writing down or journaling what’s on your mind is an effective way to track what happens during the day.

Tracking your thoughts and activities help you to know the things that you do.

You can’t deny the “actual” activities that you do versus those that you “wanted” to do.

Track things like:

Checking your email (How many times do you think about it or do it?)
Going to the grocery store (Do you make a list or create a system so that you are not there multiple times in the week?)
Picking up the dry cleaning (When is the best time to plan for it?)
Texting or making calls (Do you prioritize those properly into your daily schedule?)

Jotting those things down takes it out of your mind and reveal those things that are on your mind that may be the root cause of your lack of focus.

When we have too much on our minds not only does it create clutter, but it also increases our level of stress and confusion causing us sometimes not to do anything at all because mentally you are exhausted.

And here you are at the end of the day anxious, because you forgot to do the things that matter.

Do you see how writing activities down can help to keep your mind more organized?

No longer will your mind wander and you won’t feel so distracted.

Lighten the load on your mind and whatever you don't get to focus on it later.

Get a notepad.

Call it your tracking notebook and get to tracking.

Productivity Tips #2 - Plan, Plan, Plan

Traditionally, I have always been a pen to paper gal. 

I love the feel of writing things down. 

However, over time I have adapted to using technology when appropriate to streamline processes.

For example, I have been using Evernote as a planning tool when it comes to creating content.

Throughout the day - as thoughts or ideas come to me I simply open up the app on my phone and jot things down.

And then when I am ready to script out my blog article or training episode - I can open up Evernote on my laptop or computer, and all my notes are automatically synced to my devices.

This is such a time-saver!

Another tool to help you stay productive is to get a calendar.

You can print one online or get one from the office store.

Go back to your tracking notebook and schedule some of those things that need to be done first on your calendar.

There cannot be more than one priority at a time, so look at that list and prioritize the most time-sensitive task first.

There is a saying that goes, if you don’t plan your day it gets planned for you.

That is so true.

Ever notice that if you don’t lock-in your calendar with what is important to you, everyone else’s emergency or priority gets on your calendar?


Because you are so resourceful, others will reach out to you to help them.

If you don’t have a plan, you most often will say yes.

And this leads to my next productivity tip...

Productivity Tips #3 - Know Your DMO

Do you have a DMO?

Your Daily Method of Operation helps to guide your activities first thing in the morning.

You wake up intentionally and you know in the sea of things to get done there are some that are planned, consistent and productive.

Within your DMO you can even practice time blocking (which I will get into a little later.)

What are the important activities that are going to help move the needle of progress in your business?

Included in your DMO are your income-producing activities.

If you desire results associated to growing your income, those income-producing activities will create the consistency required to grow your income.

Get those income-producing activities listed on your calendar FIRST and remember to time block.

Ok, so what is time blocking?

Time Blocking

Time blocking is a time management technique that divides your entire day into blocks of time.

You allocate a specific task or group of tasks to each block.

Time blocking relies heavily on prioritizing and setting concrete schedules with little flexibility.

It also has several variations:

Task Batching you group similar tasks instead of spreading them apart throughout the day. For example, you can schedule two 15-minute blocks to catch up on emails and phone calls instead of once every hour.   
Day Theming - helps those who have to dedicate a lot of time across several managerial functions. For instance, you can allocate a full day to work on HR tasks, another day for marketing tasks, and so on.

Time blocking saved my business and produced the most organized system I needed to stop that cycle of anxiety that I would feel because of lack of focus and accomplishment.

Productivity Tips #4 - Schedule Batching

Time is an asset to us all and it can never be regained once it’s spent.

Using it productively shows respect for the gift of it.

And that’s why I practice batching because in most cases it helps to get more done, yet sometimes if can cause burnout. 

So knowing how and when to use it is key in order to stay productive.

Decide what your income producing activities are.  

Then look at what is on your calendar putting things into batches of time (you may even group tasks that are similar together.) 

BUT be sure to focus on one task at a time

What are some of the income producing activities that a CEO may have?  

Here are some of my activities:

Writing my blog scripts   
Creating training videos and freebies for each episode I create to give as free resources
Scheduling appointments on my calendar
Posting on social media to maintain engagement.

You are your brand.  

So creating content and resources for your audience should be a consistent part of your routine.  

This will increase your level of focus, productivity on the things that matter and produce desirable results. 

One of my coaches teaches me to create several pieces of content at a time.  

I schedule 2 hours at a time and create content only during that time block.

As you plan your content creation, prepare for it. 

Perhaps plan on changing your top and maybe your hairdo as you record a new video, but your makeup will already be done.

Imagine creating 3 to 4 great content pieces in one sitting because you planned effectively. 

Give batching a try.  

Set a timer on your phone, use an online task management tool to help organize your tasks or simply make a list.  

Give yourself a cushion between tasks and when the countdown rings, stop and move on to the next task.  

It will truly create the discipline and system you need to stay the course and accomplish more with your time. 

Productivity Tips #5 - Refuel and Rest

Being on the go ALL the time takes toll on you and eventually catches up. 

To avoid burnout, learn to schedule rest!

Imagine if your car ran 24/7, 365 days a year with no fuel and maintenance. 

Refueling helps to clear your mind and provides a little space to recharge and get inspired in your personal life and business.    

It’s like using your windshield wipers on a foggy window. 

The moment you swipe you gain instant clarity, your vision improves and you get your focus back immediately

It can be just going out for a run or stroll, walking around the lake, taking a break to eat, getting a massage, getting a mani and pedi, or escaping for the weekend.

Seize the moment to refuel your mind, body and soul. 

In Closing

Hopefully, this training episode on Productivity Tips - How to Stay Laser Focused In Your Business and Personal Life will help you stay focused and get maximum productivity.

Your business and personal life will never get to the level that you desire if you don’t make some choices that are different.

And remember to support you, I am providing you with my Profile Profits Cheatsheet which will provide 5 shockingly effective tips to turn your social media profile into a lead-generating and sales-converting machine.

After implementing the tips in this resource you will be in position to profit more from your social media efforts.

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