Lead Generation Strategy

So you're a home business owner and you want a lead generation strategy, right?

You realize that offering a freebie is one of the best ways to build your email list of new prospects, but you don't have any results yet and feel like you don't have any value to give away. 

You wish there was a simple process that would allow you to easily create your own freebie even if you were starting from scratch.

Well, I have good news for you!

You don't have to be an expert, have a million subscribers or have made any money at all to have an effective lead generation strategy for your business.

In this episode of Jemima Davis TV - I would like to provide several options for you to create your own freebie even if you are just starting out and have no credibility. 

Lead Generation Strategy – How to Create Your Own Freebie (Even With No Credibility) - Episode 20

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Lead Generation Strategy

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Lead Generation Strategy – How to Create Your Own Freebie (Even With No Credibility)

When I was new to online marketing I struggled with the concept of creating content and offering value to others because I didn't have any meaningful results myself. 

So I understand why a lot of home business owners, like yourself, may not be creating freebies because you don't have any credibility. 

I get it. 

Truthfully, you really shouldn't be teaching anyone in an area where you haven't achieved a result yet.

Perhaps, you may be good at creating videos and you could create a freebie on the best tools and resources for video editing. 

Maybe you love to cook and could create a freebie on the best ways to prepare meals for a family with a busy schedule.

But what if you don't have any of these skills? 

Or more importantly what if you don't have any credibility in the specific area that you are trying to build? 

I believe that is the real issue. 

For example, if you are trying to recruit for your home business and you are still working your 9-5, then you couldn't create a freebie with the title "5 Ways to Fire Your boss in Less Than 12 Months", right? 

Or could you?

So here IS what you can do, and I'll give you a couple options.

Lead Generation Strategy #1 – Be an Interviewer

The first option is to be an interviewer.

So what do I mean by that?

Well chances are there are people that you know of and could contact that already have the results that you are looking for in a specific area. 

Maybe they are affiliated with the same company that you work with. 

Maybe they are someone that you've seen online and could reach out to on social media. 

Ask if they are opened to being recorded in an interview. 

If so then you could package their interview into a video, podcast, or written piece of content, and offer that as your freebie.

So in the example above where you want to offer "5 Ways to Fire Your Boss", simply interview people who have already quit their job and share their knowledge with your audience. 

You are not the expert, and it's ok that others know that. 

In fact when you promote the credibility of your experts - it helps to build your own credibility - even though you haven't achieve the same level of success. 

How cool is that for a lead generation strategy?

Lead Generation Strategy #2 – Be a Curator

A second option is to be a curator, where you are simply gathering information from various sources and organizing it together in a meaningful way. 

Using the same example of "5 Ways to Fire Your Boss" - you could use Google or YouTube to research the success stories of entrepreneurs who were able to walk away from their 9-5. 

Perhaps, you could pick up one strategy from each expert, provide your feedback on that strategy, and then package it together as a freebie.

Depending on your topic - a good source of curated information can be found in the public domain where the copyright has expired on creative works from other authors. 

That means that you can legally create derivative works of these items and market them as your own. 

For example, Napoleon Hill's book, Think and Grow Rich, is public domain. 

You could literally take his 6 step process to obtaining wealth and create your own freebie using his principles. 

And again this is totally legal and free and you are not required to give credit to the original author.

Websites like Project Gutenberg and the Internet Archive make tens of thousands of public domain items available online as ebooks, so be sure to check out the resources section below for links to these and other valuable resources. 

In Closing

So I trust that you now see how you can confidently create your own freebie even with no credibility.

Having a great lead generation strategy doesn't require you to be the expert.

You just have to know where to find or get the information that others are looking for, and you can do this by being an interviewer or curator. 

And then once you've created your freebie your next step is to develop and build out your automated system so that it works for you around the clock to generate leads, sales and sign-ups in your business while you are enjoying life.

If you don't have this currently set up in your business then go ahead and enroll for my free social media training. I will take you behind the scenes and show you exactly how my business is set up to produce automated leads and sales. 

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