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Chances are if you landed here on this page, you’re looking for coaching!

I’m always looking for Dream Clients to work with.

Over the years of creating a lot of success in my personal business, I’ve developed systems and processes that I now teach and train on.

I teach Ambitious Stay-At-Home Moms and Aspiring MOMpreneurs:

How to Incorporate Your Passions in Starting or Relaunching an Online Business
How to Grow an Existing Business with Customers, Recruiting and/or Team Building
How to Build an Internet-Based Business by Building Your Brand, Audience & Influence and Profit Through Multiple Streams of Income
How to Expand Your Brand and Authority by Creating Your Own Digital Training Courses, Coaching, Membership Site and/or Affiliate Program
How to Become a Leader in YOUR Industry and Launch Your Own Platform (podcast, virtual events, etc.)
...and MORE...

"When starting I was very excited to learn what she had to offer. After the second session I began to put the pieces of the puzzle together when it came to my business. I was able once the session was over to immediately start applying the knowledge she shared. I would highly recommend Jemima to all my friends. Life changing!"

- M. Edwards
Small Business Owner

There are a few different options that you can look at if you’re looking into to having some one-on-one time with me:

Private Coaching

Please Budget Between $2,000 - $4,000

If you’re interested in having me coach and mentor you through these systems and processes here’s how I like to work with my clients:

Step 1:

Before working together on a private coaching plan, I like my coaching clients to have a general understanding of Online Marketing and have the tools and software they need to run a successful online business.

I have a resource called The Influence Marketing Incubator to help provide you with this foundation. If you don't have this resource yet, I highly suggest that you purchase it before we dive into higher level coaching together.

Alternatively, if you are able to demonstrate your understanding of Online Marketing and have the equivalent tools and software then you may be qualified to take the next step and apply for a Private Coaching Plan.

Step 2:

Once you have a basic understanding of Online Marketing and have the necessary tools and software then it’s time to optimize your system where you are consistently producing leads and sales for your business.

If you don’t have this happening and you’d like to dive into a personal coaching plan with me, please fill out the form below and we’ll have a conversation about your specific business plan.

My private coaching plans are scheduled as either a 3 month (12 weeks) or a 6 month (24 weeks) term.

Yes, private coaching is expensive…. AND Yes it is worth it.

"I enjoyed putting myself out there and sharing something that I'm passionate about with an was a wonderful experience."

- D. Jean
Small Business Owner

Group Coaching

Please Budget Between $300 - $400 / yr

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