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Hire Jemima to Speak or Train

Jemima's energy and passion for helping others is one of the biggest reasons she's amazing to hire and have at your next event.

Not only does Jemima teach and coach, but she's in the trenches everyday implementing exactly what she teaches.

This is what makes her sessions very different... AND very relevant. It's NOT 'Theory' it's actual 'real-life' knowledge and skills that she has acquired over the years and has applied to her own life. 

She's been featured in the book... <add references to the book you co-authored with Luriane> <maybe list some of the events you have spoken at, Ambitious Women's Conference, etc...>

She speaks at various types of events and adds tremendous value in many different areas.

Jemima is available to speak or train at the following events:

Women's Conferences
Women's Retreats
Non-Profit Organizations
Business Training Events
Church Brunches
Prayer Breakfasts

As an event organizer, Jemima knows that it is your job to bring some of the most entertaining and educated trainers and speakers to your platform... This is where Jemima shines.

Hire Jemima to Speak or Train

Jemima enjoys speaking about the following topics:

Determine God's unique purpose for your life
Discovering your spiritual identity: Compartmentalized Christianity
Embrace Wholeness
Missions Mindset: Understanding God's mission for you
Develop systems to grow your business online
Actionable goal setting
Automating your life and business

"When starting I was very excited to learn what she had to offer. After the second session I began to put the pieces of the puzzle together when it came to my business. I was able once the session was over to immediately start applying the knowledge she shared. I would highly recommend Jemima to all my friends. Life changing!"

- M. Edwards
Small Business Owner

Get ready to impress your audience with the speech or training that Jemima will bring to your organization.

To inquire more about having Jemima come and speak or train at your next event, please take a few minutes to click the button and fill out a questionnaire.

Once we have your questionnaire, we will schedule a call with you to find out more about how Jemima can serve you at your next event.


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