How to Set Goals

Most moms in business have an idea of what they would like to accomplish. 

Sometimes, however, they get stuck not knowing how to set goals in a way that  develops their resilience to keep going when things get tough. 

In this episode of Jemima Davis TV - I would like to share a method that will help you to ditch procrastination and achieve that goal you've set this year. 

How to Set Goals – Ditch Procrastination To Finally Hit Your Goal This Year - Episode 19

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How to Set Goals

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How to Set Goals – Ditch Procrastination To Finally Hit Your Goal This Year

Having a positive attitude when you come up against a challenge is helpful when setting goals because that is the attitude required to overcome challenges. 

Learn the following method to goal-setting which can guide you through an exploration of how to handle obstacles and barriers which can make a difference as to whether or not you hit your goal this year: 

How to Set Goals – Why Do We Set Goals?

Before we go over the goal-setting technique let's examine some reasons why you would want to set goals:

Help trigger new behaviors
Help guide, motivate and focus
Help you sustain momentum in life
Help align your focus and promote a sense of self mastery
Can improve your mental health
Give you long-term vision and short-term motivation
Help you focus your acquisition of knowledge
Help you organize your time and resources in order to make the most of your life

How to Set Goals – Using the W.O.O.P. Method

The W.O.O.P. method is a goal-setting technique developed by author Gabriele Oettingen in her book Rethinking Positive Thinking: Inside the New Science of Motivation.

In her book she indicates that optimism is not enough to move us into action, and I agree with that statement. 

If all we needed was willpower then many of us would be further along in the pursuit of our goals.

That is why we need systems.

W.O.O.P is an acronym for: 

Wish - wish something you want to accomplish for real, one that is exciting, challenging and realistic
Outcome - imagine the best outcome of your goal and recognize how it would make you feel
Obstacle - imagine the best outcome of your goal and recognize how it would make you feel
Plan - make an if/then plan to name an action you could do if an obstacle appears

So what plan will you establish to hit your next goal? 

Many people find enough motivation to get started on goals just by going through a process of goal setting. 

Yet having a plan when things get complicated is so necessary to help yourself stay on track.   

Many don't take the time to anticipate roadblocks and to have solutions for tough times that are sometimes inevitable. 

As you can tell the W.O.O.P. method will help you in several ways.  

In addition, it will also help you to assess if your goals are realistic and if they are worth your time.  

In Closing

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