How To Promote Your B

Stop posting and praying!  

Have you ever had a friend who told you the truth straight up - no matter how hard it seemed? 

In this episode of Jemima Davis TV, I am going to play that friend role for you.

If you’ve been trying to figure out how to promote your business on social media and are just not getting any results, then I will go over a simple strategy that's gonna be the fastest way to grow and reach people who are interested in what you have to offer. 

How to Promote Your Business on Social Media - Episode 11

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Since in this episode we're talking about how to promote your business online you may also be interested in ways to maximize your social media marketing  

How to Promote Your Business

efforts.  So, I want to give you my Simple & Engaging Content Ideas for 30 tried and tested social media post ideas to increase engagement and sales for savvy marketers so you never have to worry about what to post.

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How to Promote Your Business on Social Media

Are you a mom who is about a year (maybe more) into growing an online business and you’ve been wanting to make more sales and learn how to promote your business on social media?  

By now you realize that social media is a huge asset to build community and provide access to your product or service.  

So let's dive in and go over a simple strategy so you can find others who are interested in what you have to offer.

First Things First...

Now, what I will be sharing with you is not top secret. 

It is a strategy that I’ve learned over the years that has helped me to understand how to promote your business on social media and get results. 

These proven tactics have led to paid clients.  

Here's the thing -- 

You may have seen it done right by those who influence you online, and now you will understand just how to make it work for you.   

So here we go...

Social Media Marketing Strategy - Three Objectives

There are three main objectives to keep in mind with promoting your business on social media. 

If you are not incorporating these objectives in your marketing, then your social media strategy most likely is not working.  

These three objectives are: 

Lead Generation

Every single piece of content you produce should be positioning you to accomplish at least one of these three objectives. 

For example, telling stories are strategic. 

This type of content will resonate with those you're speaking to AND when you provide a strong call to action then you will generate leads.   

So you will have some type of opt-in form to a free offer which will cause them to join your e-mail list and engage more with your written content.

From there have a nurturing e-mail sequence that then brings them closer to purchasing from you and making the sale.

So think about how every single piece of content attracts a lead,  generates a lead, engages with and/or sells to the lead. 

I would recommend never to create content on luck. 

Never post and pray and hope it works.  

That's like throwing spaghetti on the wall and seeing what will stick, if any at all.  

Instead use this multi-level marketing strategy to guide you so you never waste any piece of content.

In Closing

Having an effective social media marketing strategy is so important. 


Because this isn't a hobby. 

It is YOUR business. 

It is MY business.

We are not doing this JUST for fun on a whim. 

When you invest in this strategy it can provide a return ideally, which allows you to have a plan to give more value to more people.

So this was part 1 on this topic.  

In part 2 I will go over branding, incorporating storytelling in your messaging, the power of the 80/20 rule and much more - giving you the fastest marketing strategy while posting on social media.

And remember to support you, I am providing you with my Simple & Engaging Content Ideas which will provide you with 30 tried and tested social media post ideas to increase engagement and sales for savvy marketers so you never have to worry about what to post.

When you grab this list you are going to be able to maximize your social media marketing efforts.

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