Imposter Syndrome

Are you getting stuck in the thought of "I can't do this?"  

This state of mind you're in can often be called Imposter Syndrome

In this episode of Jemima Davis TV, I'm going to share with you part of my story to give you insight on how to overcome imposter syndrome.

(I'm even going to let you see my very first video I ever did!)  

How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome - Turn Your “I Can’t” Into “I Did” - Episode 7

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How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

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How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome - Turn Your “I Can’t” Into “I Did”

Let's dive into this topic and discuss how to overcome imposter syndrome.

What is Imposter Syndrome and Do You Have It?

Maybe you are being challenged to step out of your comfort zone in order to launch a new business endeavor or reach another level of success.  

In the process you may feel like an imposter, doubting your abilities and feeling like you're a fraud because you haven't "arrived" yet. 

These feelings perfectly describe the imposter syndrome.

I learned about the Imposter Syndrome a few years ago, and it often affects high achieving people.  

Women who experience this phenomenon have difficulty accepting their accomplishments and accolades.  

Despite high achievement they don't think they are good enough or doing good enough of a job - as they tackle a new task. 

I’m going to be a bit transparent and share with you part of my story. 

I'm going to show you how bad I thought I was in the beginning of creating content and to share how I was able to overcome feeling like a fraud.  

This will not only give you confidence if you lack it now, but it will also demonstrate why you should not compare yourself to others. 

If you are at Chapter 2 of your story don’t compare yourself with someone who is in Chapter 30.  

Rather consider the progress that you are making instead of tracking how perfect things should be.

If you're feeling like a fake or an imposter when you put yourself out there to grow your business or passion project (even while raising a family) know that you are not alone.

Many of us have been there - and as I share my story below of feeling like an imposter to now becoming a confident and resourceful MOMpreneur -  it should give you courage and a view of how others can succeed. 

My Case of Imposter Syndrome

Back in 2016 when I started to create content, I would spend endless hours finding topics. 

I put in a lot of time creating content and felt uneasy because the results were slow.  

This could have been a reason for me to give up. 

Instead of giving up - I kept trying in order to get better at it. 

I know that content is "king" in marketing, and the better I got at creating resources the more I would be able to help other Moms create a life of lasting impact.

So I investigated further on Google and YouTube to find examples of how to create content in a way that would lead to profitable results.

That's when I discovered how some people were doing videos in a way where they were building relationships faster, and they were able to share resources and leverage their time. 

And so I, too, wanted to start doing videos because I wanted to create that instant authority and influence, and I wanted others to take me seriously. 

If I made a recommendation of my products or offered my business then I would want people to take me up on it.

Although doing videos seemed to be a way to leverage my time, I was not one to "keep it simple".  

I would start doing all these elaborate things in attempt to make my videos stand out or be "more interesting".  

I began to doubt my abilities when I was not gaining the same success that others seemed to be gaining.

I felt a bit uncomfortable then talking to the camera lens and not getting engagement from my audience. 

Some of those initial videos looked so bad. 

If you are reading this blog and haven’t checked out the video above then be sure you watch it because I share a clip of one of my first videos. 

I promise you will be so excited to see that you are not alone.

How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome - The Quick Fix

What is a quick fix to overcoming imposter syndrome fast?

Take the knowledge you have now, apply it and take action.

You could spend all day learning, but if you’re not implementing then you will never get results and build the confidence you need in yourself to get better. 

Whatever you learn apply it right away to get a result - any result - and with that result you now have the experience to help someone else in that area even if you are only one step ahead of them.

So there is no need to get overwhelmed. 

Don’t overthink things - just be consistent and keep moving forward.

Over time the experience that you are accumulating will help you get better at whatever you are aiming for -- in my case, creating videos that lead to sales and sign-ups. 

In Closing

So, if you’re feeling like you have imposter syndrome right now and you don’t feel authentic then find a way to deliver value so that it aligns with your life and what you feel really good about. 

You won’t feel very confident in the very beginning, but that’s okay.

If you trust the process and continue to take action then you will eventually get there.

Keep it simple and build a consistent schedule for your actions.

Focus on the actions and not the results in the beginning.

People who focus on results in the very beginning tend to quit faster than those who focus on actions only.

You GOT this, and I believe you can do it.

And remember to download my Profile Profits Cheatsheet for 5 ways to immediately enhance your social media profile. 

Making a positive first impression will help you overcome the imposter syndrome much faster so you can start to see results and gain more confidence in yourself.

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