How To Influence Others

Many wonder about the difference between the people that start a business and are immediately successful and those that take a bit longer to gain that momentum. 

Typically the main difference are the levels of influence and credibility that one brings with them into a new venture. 

But what can you do if you lack influence and credibility?

In this episode of Jemima Davis TV,  I outline 5 daily activities to demonstrate how to influence others so you can become a total rock star in the next 7 days even if you are brand new!

How To Influence Others – 5 Daily Activities to Increase Your Influence & Credibility to Your Audience – Episode 9

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How to Influence Others

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How To Influence Others – 5 Daily Activities to Increase Your Influence & Credibility to Your Audience

Let's dive in and go over these 5 daily activities to provide you insight on how to influence others.

Daily Activity #1 - Work on your spiritual, mental and physical health

What are some of the activities that you can do in order to increase in these areas? 

It could be including exercising in your weekly routine on a regular and consistent basis.

Perhaps, you can start reading a book each and every day.

Be sure that you are developing the skills of having more faith than fear when you are stepping into your daily routine.

When it comes to reading - I've found that whenever you increase your knowledge in any area then you become more valuable.

That is an instant indicator that you are going to produce better and there is going to be fruit that is going to come out of that knowledge. 

The more you know, the more valuable you become and value equals influence.

Daily Activity #2 – Create valuable content

Do you realize that creating valuable content is one of the quickest ways that someone at any level in their business can be perceived as an authority?

This is an important activity to perform when it comes to how to influence others.  

What if when you do read a book, you take 10 minutes to prepare a piece of content (blog post, video, etc.) that you can share with others delivering value out of what you are learning.

People notice when you are someone who has knowledge and value to deliver.

This is something anyone can do - even if you are brand new.

If you do not know Marie Forleo then I suggest that you follow her and see how she is able to deliver value in a way that I have never seen before.

The only other recommendation I have is to have balance in your content so that you are not sharing the same information each time.

On platforms like Facebook you may want to follow the 80/20 rule where 80% of your posts are about your lifestyle and 20% are on business.

Daily Activity #3 – Show that you care

How do you feel when you hear a caring question from someone else?  

A lot of people think only about themselves these days, but when you practice kindness it will set you apart as others notice how different you are.

The law of reciprocity goes a long way.  

I can remember special relationships that developed with others because I asked a simple question:

“How are you doing?” 

Is there anything I can help you with?

How was your day today?

Along the lines of making others feel valued,  showing that you care gives people a peak into your character.

When you can be THAT person who remembers special occasions like birthday’s and anniversaries, people will start paying more attention to you. 

When you send a handwritten card or note to someone, it’s memorable.  

Imagine how YOU feel when you receive a personal note. 

Those are the emotions that others feel too.  

Just ask yourself "How can I make my customer or potential customer's life better today?"

When you show that you care it breaks down the wall of resistance, and more people will say YES to you.     

This is how to influence others.

Daily Activity #4 – Find a mentor

I’ve hired coaches in the past and since the first time I did it, it has always been a wise investment. 

It has been a way to instantly increase my knowledge, and then once I applied that knowledge I would see results.  

It also showed people how serious I was and that they could follow me because I was willing to model following as a leader.  

Even now I am seeking out others who can open up access to more opportunities.  

When your coach celebrates or acknowledges you as a leader, that adds to your credibility. 

Your coach should be someone who knows the way and can show it to you.  

This kind of validation can increase your results, your influence and credibility.

Daily Activity #5 – Focus on income-producing activities

In episode 2 of Jemima Davis TV I provided 5 productivity tips for your business, and in tip #3 I discussed the importance of income-producing activities. 

Building influence begins with making progress - that is making progress every single day by doing certain activities.   

Focus on these daily income producing activities in order to increase your results.


If you say you’re going to do something, DO IT. 

And that means, when you say you’re going to build your business and make a lasting impact then stop procrastinating and prolonging your success. 

People are watching you. 

Give them something to talk about! 

In Closing

Have you noticed that experts get paid and are respected more? 

So how do you become an expert? 

You invest in YOU. 

I'm talking about books, courses and seminars. 

I never stop investing in me and each year as a result I've been able to increase my influence and continue to make sales. 

How will you invest in yourself today?

Well, you can start by downloading my Profile Profits Cheatsheet.

This Cheatsheet will reveal the 5 real estate places on Facebook that will help you show up with confidence, build authority, influence and make sales.

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