Get Unstuck

There can be times when it feels like we are juggling many things at once and we get overwhelmed by our to-do list. 

When that happens, we often slow down, feel uninspired and find it difficult to get excited about what we’re doing, even in business. 

When we become overwhelmed it negatively impacts not just our schedule but also our behavior. 

We as entrepreneurs need to understand how we are motivated. 

How we operate is about who we are and how we choose to show up everyday.

In this episode of Jemima Davis TV,  I am going to provide you with 3 strategies to help you get unstuck right now so that you can be inspired again to accomplish your goals.

Get Unstuck – 3 Strategies to Stop To-Do List Overwhelm – Episode 13

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Get Unstuck

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Get Unstuck – 3 Strategies to Stop To-Do List Overwhelm

So you have a million things to juggle plus your own goals and lately just feeling in a funk because your plate is so full?  

Let me go over 3 strategies for you to consider to help you get unstuck and inspired again:

Get Unstuck Strategy #1 - Create Something New

This sounds exciting already, doesn't it? 

Think about the feeling you had when you first launched your business or passion project. 

Creating something new revitalizes you to move forward and take action on something that is fresh. 

You don't necessarily need to start a new business, but take a look at your vision as it relates to what you are currently working on. 

Perhaps there's a new marketing strategy that you learned of recently that you can implement to shake things up. 

Maybe there's a new product or service that you could add to your suite of offers.

Creating something new to help your audience will re-energize you.  

Maybe you feel in a funk because you have been doing the same activities over and over again and aren't getting any results. 

As you adjust the items on your to-do list one way not to get overwhelmed is to create a timeline by which you plan to complete this new project. 

Will it be a two week, 30 day or 90 day plan? 

Then determine what you want to accomplish within that time. 

Sit down and write it out by doing a brain dump.  

Also, think about the highest yielding activities that you need to focus on to get the results that you are looking for. 

For me, that's delivering a new training episode and blog post every Monday. 

On Tuesday I post and engage with my audience. 

I go LIVE on Wednesday and create purpose-driven content and emails for the rest of the week. 

In addition, I follow up and meet with potential clients, existing clients and team members and do personal development. 

Get Unstuck Strategy #2 - Pay Attention to Your Daily To-Do List

You need to break things down and put the focus where it needs to be. 

This can be done by prioritizing the day.

In order to eliminate overwhelm you have to be ok with saying no. 

Not every text, email or call is priority.  

You need to be comfortable in putting all the things that come at you in its proper place.  

You can tackle your to-do-list by using the following formula: 


Let's go over these one by one.  


Many things in your business can be automated if you equip yourself with the necessary tools. 

Online business automation, as an example, helps you to set or schedule various tasks, and it eases your day-to-day activities. 

It streamlines your systems so that you can focus on the important tasks for the growth of your business.  

For more tips on how to automate your business check out the Additional Resources section below for a free training. 


When you delegate it is not a sign of weakness but of leadership.  

It’s about entrusting work to another person, increasing how effective you can be so that you don’t get overwhelmed and procrastinate.


Once you've identified the things that are not important for you to do or that can be done by someone else then eliminate them from your schedule. 

Keep a tight list and focus on what needs to be accomplished today.

Get Unstuck Strategy #3 - Check to See if You Are Disconnected From Your Vision

Are you committed to your vision? 

Does it still inspire you? 

Are the things on your to-do-list supporting your vision or are you letting yourself be carried in whatever direction? 

Ask yourself what can you do to get motivated. 

You have to create your own excitement sometimes.  

You may be complacent because you have been doing the same thing repeatedly year after year. 

Maybe you’ve been focusing on monetary goals more than impact goals.  

Your vision should include a plan for both. 

Monetary goals focus on how much you are planning to earn (through maybe that new thing you will create), and impact goals focus on how many people your service and product will provide a solution for. 

In Closing

When you are feeling overwhelmed - it is important to take a pause and re-evaluate where you are in your business.  

Most businesses have cycles, and your to-do list at times may be more intense especially during a launch or a 30 or 90 day plan. 

However, there should be times of recovery built in so that you don't burn out. 

Consider the three strategies that I just went over where you are keeping things current and fresh in your business. 

Learn how to streamline processes to allow more time for your additional priorities. 

And finally, if you are truly connected to your vision and are pursuing your purpose and passion then it should always energize you rather than drain you. 

As someone once told me, do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life.  

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