Fun Summer Activities For Kids

It is the end of the school year which means summer is here!  

When you're a mom at home with the kids, day in and day out, this season can seem to last forever.

Instead of limping through the summer months with your eyes fixed on Labor Day, it’s best to plan your fun summer activities for kids as soon as you can. 

So let me walk you through a step-by-step guide for summer planning to help you get started.   

Fun Summer Activities For Kids – Step by Step Guide For Planning a Great Summer for Your Family - Episode 6

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Fun Summer Activities For Kids

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Fun Summer Activities For Kids – Step by Step Guide For Planning a Great Summer for Your Family

Let's dive in and go over this step-by-step guide for planning fun summer activities for kids.

Step #1 - Plan On A Week-By-Week Basis 

This is a crucial step because it will help create the foundation for the next steps.

I know we are living in the digital age, but I recommend that you print blank calendar pages to start off. 

Kick off summer planning by writing down the events that already have specific dates.  

What vacations, summer day camps, family visits, day trips and holidays are already confirmed?   

Remember to also include business-related items to this calendar as you may have deadlines that you want to meet.

I actually like to call deadlines "target dates" because sometimes you need flexibility in adjusting your schedule to account for unexpected changes.

Once you've done that, you'll have a rough idea of your available time to plan for other activities.  

Having a calendar planned to this way minimizes questions like “what are we DOING today?” and “can we GO somewhere now?”  

You know what I'm talking about, right?

Step #2 - Set Summer Goals

Listing a few goals for the summer allows you to be focused and will give you all something to be excited about . 

Have each of your children come up with one or two goals that they would like to accomplish. 

For example, they may have a goal to exercise more or perhaps to learn how to cook.

And what about YOU?  

For example you may have a personal goal of creating systems around your home to make your life simpler. 

Or you may even have a professional goal - something ambitious like finally completing a complicated work or business project.  

Is there childcare that you need to secure in order to work on your personal or professional goals?

Maybe you can team up with a couple of other moms you trust to have outings together or take turns having all of the kids at once for certain activities. 

Step #3 - Plan Daily Activities

If you already have camp planned for the entire summer then that's great! 

You have a lot of the work done, but make sure to include time together as a family over the weekends.  

If your kids will be with you a few days during the week then do some fun summer activities that can help create lasting memories. 

You can sit and play together, tell jokes, make a craft, go to a museum, cook, play sports or ride bikes.

Remember to have fun with all this planning.  

Having too strict of a schedule can sometimes be exhausting.

Leave room so that all of you can enjoy this summer, without you becoming exhausted.   

You can be spontaneous, but learn to say no by creating a fun schedule that allows them to be independent at times.

In Closing

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