Free Digital Business Card

Have you heard of a free digital business card service called Shuffle

No? Then you are definitely missing out! 

If you have been using something like Linktree where you have various products and services that you want to get in front of your audience, then I am going to share with you something different that you must start using instead. 

It is a really awesome tool, and I am going to show you exactly how to get it for free and how I use it in my business (I even include some great examples!)

Every type of business owner needs to have this in their world.

I don't care if you are a fitness influencer, a beauty consultant, health and wellness expert, a coach, or a course creator.

If you are building an online business then this is something you want to start using immediately to make more money.

Let's get it!

Free Digital Business Card Using Shuffle (Make More Money) – Episode 14

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Free Digital Business Card

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Free Digital Business Card Using Shuffle (Make More Money)

Your Primary Revenue Stream

Typically when you have a brand or business, especially when you are starting out, you have one primary revenue stream. 

This is the main thing that you are focused on.

If you’re in the beauty industry it could be your skin-care system. 

If you’re in health and wellness it could be an exercise class or a nutritional program. 

If you have a home business it is recruiting other team members. 

If you are a coach it is signing up coaching clients.

Complimentary Revenue Streams

Now most successful businesses as they expand also add complimentary revenue streams. 

You see when you are building a brand online the correct way, you are attracting a lot of people, and they are not always going to be candidates for the primary thing that you are selling.  

Instead of missing out altogether, start thinking about what else you could offer your audience that could make you money and help them as well.

Ask yourself "what is it that my audience currently wants to buy?"

Because the fact is, they are going to buy it, you just have to make sure they buy it from you. 

Having a digital business card will amplify this process for you big time. 

Free Digital Business Card - What is Shuffle?

Shuffle is a professional digital business card service, where you can create mobile-friendly web pages that highlight your brand and complimentary resources. 

Just like Linktree, you can create many different button links, but with Shuffle you can also add images, videos and other bells and whistles. 

My Free Digital Business Card

In fact, Shuffle is more than just a digital business card. 

It is also a CRM that tracks your interactions with potential customers and allows you to grow your network.

But the primary reason I use Shuffle is because of their generous affiliate program which pays down multiple levels deep and provides me with another complimentary revenue stream. 

They have premium plans and other features, and there is a whole community of business owners who could benefit from this tool. 

Free Digital Business Card Using Shuffle - Signing Up

When you sign up for an account you can try Shuffle for free (no credit card required) and create your very first digital business card.

You can add a profile image, your products, your affiliate links and more.

However, my recommendation is to sit down and make a list of what additional products you want to feature that have affiliate programs where you can get paid for your referrals.

So, to get credit for sales, you want to make sure the links you are creating are YOUR affiliate links.

At a minimum you should definitely sign up to become an Amazon affiliate.

You can also choose to become a Shuffle affiliate and add another complimentary revenue stream. 

This is indeed powerful, so do not forget to use and add your affiliate links so you get paid your commissions and make more money.

Free Digital Business Card Using Shuffle - How I Promote My Card

Once your free digital business card is created you can share it on your social media platforms or even in social media conversations.

Here are examples on how I promote my Shuffle digital business card:

I include it on all my emails in my signature
I include it in the show notes of many of our episodes, and at the very bottom of every blog posts
I include it on my social media profiles where I am able to add links 
I include it on the Contact page right here on the blog

**I walk you through this in detail at the video above so don't forget to watch**

In Closing

Hopefully, this free digital business card I shared with you benefits your brand and business and helps you to make more money.

I have two (2) action steps for you:

1. Take 30 minutes to create your very first Shuffle digital business card (it's free as of this moment!) Start sharing it on social media.

2. Grab my Profile Profits Cheatsheet for 5 tips to turn your social media profile into a lead-generating and money-making.

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