Effective Communication Skills

Do you have a product or service you want to offer and struggle to have conversations that lead to sales? 

In this episode of Jemima Davis TV, I will be sharing some effective communication skills that will help you facilitate the way you interact with prospects on social media.

The first thing I'll share will prepare you with an example of what to say when you first meet the prospect. 

Then I will help you prepare yourself to show up ready to continue the interaction that can lead to sales.

Effective Communication Skills - Start Conversations That Lead To Sales – Episode 18

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Effective Communication Skills

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Effective Communication Skills - Start Conversations That Lead To Sales

So how do you start a conversation that can lead to sales?  

One of the most effective ways is to begin your interaction with the right mindset. 

Meeting people online is often like meeting them in person.  

Show genuine interest in that person

Once you identify a prospect that you would want to start a conversation with that leads to business, show that you care by taking the following steps:

Effective Communication Skills Step #1 - Gather Information

Gather information by checking out their bio or the "About" section on their profile. 

Don’t start a conversation with them until you've done that. 

Once you are there take a look at what they have shared such as hobbies, where they live, their status and books and quotes that they like. 

Also take notice of any groups they belong to.

Effective Communication Skills Step #2 - Find Transitional Talking Points

Once you've gathered information about your prospect then you want to find transitional talking points. 

They could be bringing up a shared topic of interest or you could offer a compliment as a way to lead the conversation in a specific direction. 

Now before you start a conversation I recommend that you first send a written message. 

Go to their profile, like and genuinely comment on their posts. 

At this point be sure to focus on connecting. 

This is not the time to send a link to your website or to be promotional

Effective Communication Skills Step #3 - Begin The Conversation

Once you have gathered information and identified transitional talking points about your prospect then it is time to begin the conversation. 

For instance you could say something like the following: 

"Hey,  just wanted to reach out. I read your comment on my post or in the 'xyz' Facebook group and I appreciated your insight.  I noticed on your profile it says that you currently live in Texas. It’s funny last year I visited Texas and loved it, the heat was the only thing I could have done without.  Are you currently in Texas? How are you loving it?"

In Closing

Relax and be genuine so that you don't come off salesy. 

Sending copy and paste messages makes you look desperate and unrelatable. 

Make sure to first research then compliment to get a conversation started.  

Do you have something in common that you can relate over? 

What about you?  

Do you have any good tips on the way to start conversation with prospects on social media that’s been working well for you in your business? 

If so then drop them below in the comments.

And remember as you begin exercising your effective communication skills it's important to have your social media profile set up properly so that you make the best impression on your prospect when they check you out. 

So go ahead and download my Profile Profits Cheatsheet for 5 tips to turn your profile into a lead-generating and sales converting machine.

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