Daily Routines

What do you do when you don’t feel like doing what you know you need to be doing?

In this episode of Jemima Davis TV, I will talk about the power of daily routines and how having them can motivate you on days when you’re down.

The routines that I will share with you are powerful and incorporating them into your schedule will turn ordinary days into extraordinary ones as you establish a strong foundation in your life and/or business.

Daily Routines That Can Change Everything - Episode 10

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Daily Routines

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Daily Routines That Can Change Everything

Being a MOMPreneur is hard...yet it is worth it!

When you work a 9 to 5 things are different.  

When I worked in the field of social work I was literally told what to do everyday. 

But as a MOMpreneur we are the creator, planner, caretaker and so much more. 

We must develop discipline and be accountable. 

THIS is why it's difficult. 

Now, here is the truth...

How you start your day is how you're going to finish it!

Think about how you started your day today.  

Did it help you to remain aligned with your goals or are you all over the place and unproductive?  

Consistency and commitment to a daily routine can change everything.  

An important aspect to remember in all this is to create a daily routine for success that works for YOU! 

I've made this mistake myself in that I tried systems that work for others but not for me.  

All along I only needed to use those systems as a reference to figure out what could work best for me.

Let's be honest - there are some days that we don't feel like working!

Maybe you're in a funk.

What should our response be?

Some of the daily routines and practices such as prayer,  quiet time, exercise and reading can help to awaken your soul.

Leadership expert John Maxwell also has a system that can help in this area.

He calls it his Rule of 5, and these are activities that he incorporates in his daily routine.  

Daily Routines
Everyday he reads
Everyday he files
Everyday he thinks
Everyday he asks questions
Everyday he writes

The key is that he does these activities every single day - even on holidays, his birthday and when he is sick!

Based on your season you, too, can develop your rule of activities that will guide your daily routine.  

Daily disciplines if followed consistently over time, would allow you to accomplish an inspired vision to live out life impactfully. 

In Closing

Now it's time for you to decide what your rule of activities will be.

Think about what you can commit to doing every single day.

That decision will help you in leading, growing, creating, excelling and serving.

Be accountable and ask yourself daily if you are living by a set of rules that will help to motivate you and to live according to your purpose.  

Asking questions will tell you if you have been leading today, have grown in any way or have helped OTHERS to grow.

Come up with your own set of rules and make sure they are leading you to develop daily practices and discipline that will serve you and others. 

And remember if you are looking to incorporate growing a new business into your daily routine then I recommend that you grab my MOMpreneur Home Business Idea Guide that will go over 5 ways to start making money from home without taking a whole bunch of time away from your kids.

After going through this resource you will have the knowledge to start making money from home TODAY.

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