Conflict Resolution

Ever felt that sunken feeling during conflict resolution when you try to approach a difficult topic with your pre-teen?  

The tween years as they're called can be an intense period full of emotions, and it's so crucial that kids can talk openly with their parents.

I talk about these topics here because what you don't prepare for in life, often stomps you and throws you off balance. 

How can you reduce friction or eliminate conflict when it comes to communicating? 

I'd like to share 5 ways to encourage open and truthful conversation with your tween to help with conflict resolution.   

Conflict Resolution – 5 Ways to Encourage Open Conversation with Your Tween - Episode 4

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Conflict Resolution

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Conflict Resolution - 5 Ways to Encourage Open Conversation with Your Tween

Let's dive in and discuss conflict resolution and 5 ways to encourage open conversation with your tween.

Conflict Resolution Tip #1 - Be Understanding (even when you don't get it)

Your world and the world your tween lives in are decades apart.

You probably won't understand or agree with half of what they talk to you about.

But that's OK.

Your tween isn't looking for you to understand - they're asking for you to listen.

To maximize communication start every interaction and conversation from understanding WHO they are to the core. 

Practice engaging without judgment. 

During conflict resolution having long lectures or trying to tell them exactly what you think the solution is, may backfire.  

Listen well to avoid triggering them to shut down from wanting to communicate  honestly with you.

Conflict Resolution Tip #2 - Spend Time Together

There is a time when meaningful conversations need to be held but not during every interaction with them. 

Creating opportunities by scheduling quality time to spend together either to do a specific activity (or sometimes nothing at all) goes a long way.  

Sometimes the "win" in spending quality time together is in not having a detailed agenda.  

Being in each other's company builds trust and signals that they can have confidence in you as you make them a priority. 

It's a given that spending intentional time together creates trust, sharing and creating positive memories that they will remember later especially as you work through conflict resolution. 

Conflict Resolution Tip #3 - Be Present

There is a difference between spending time together and being present.  

Whether you approach your tween or they approach you to talk, be present and focus on them and the conversation.  

Be conscious of your body language and position. 

Put your phone away and turn off the TV so they know you have their undivided attention. 

You may even want to leave your familiar surroundings for a trip to the local coffee or doughnut shop to minimize other distractions.  

Your tween will notice the focus and attentiveness, and you'll appreciate the openness and truthfulness that will come from that. 

Conflict Resolution Tip #4 - Validate, Don't Dismiss

Avoid the need to want to solve the problem your tween may share with you. 

You may come across in a way that makes them feel that what they have to say is not important. 

Rather than jump right into problem-solving, acknowledge their feelings first.  

While you are not gonna jump ahead, you still will want to offer feedback so that you don't lose sight of sharing your perspective as well. 

Ask if they need help in any specific area. 

They may just need a listening ear. 

Conflict Resolution Tip #5 - Don't Ask Too Many Questions at One Time

You may have gotten complete silence when you ask your tween too many loaded questions at one time.  

In their mind they may feel like you're trying to catch them in a lie or pull information out of them that they may not be ready to share.  

Keep in mind that you want to ask solution-focused questions rather than those that create conflict.  

Go deeper and ask about core ideas which will encourage critical thinking and may lead to a solution. 

The main idea is to keep lines of communication open without making them feel like they are being interrogated.  

In Closing

Your tween is going through some changes which affect their physical, mental, and emotional state.

They seem to go from our big kiddos to these new young people overnight, and it can be hard to know how to relate to and communicate with them.

When you remain approachable it provides a welcoming environment for them to seek after you for conflict resolution rather than go elsewhere. 

So how do you consistently create this kind of connection?

Well, it starts with having the flexibility in your schedule to be present when they need you the most.

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