Boost Your Online Presence

What would happen if your target market perceived you as 10 times MORE valuable than they see you right now?

And how different would your business look if you were seen as a TOP authority figure in your industry?

Do you realize that the tactics you are implementing right now will never work UNTIL others start taking you seriously?

This is not about faking it until you make it, but rather filling in the holes in your overall marketing strategy.

Just imagine being able to attract more prospects, generate more leads, and convert more of your leads into sales.

The only reason others aren't buying from you now is because they don't see you as an authority...yet.

In this episode of Jemima Davis TV I will go over 3 steps to creating instant authority so that you can immediately boost your online presence and make more money in your business.

Boost Your Online Presence: 3 Steps to Creating Instant Authority - Episode 22

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Boost Your Online Presence

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Boost Your Online Presence: 3 Steps to Creating Instant Authority

So we are discussing ways to boost your online presence by creating instant authority, and this method can work for any type of business regardless of what you are selling. 

Because authority is really one of the key things in your business. 

People like to do business with people that they know like and trust, and authority is the TRUST part of that equation

So let's define what authority marketing is, and this is important because it should be part of your overall marketing strategy.

Authority Marketing

Authority marketing is establishing a position of leadership in your category of business based on your wisdom and insight. It is sharing what you have so others look to you and your company as the definitive answer to the problem. In other words, it is sharing your expert and credible opinions that will move your audience to take action.

While your initial feedback may be that you are not an expert, it is really all about sharing your credible opinions.

Yes there are others who may have more credibility than you or may have more degrees after their last name, but you need to own the experience that you are bringing to the table in whatever niche you represent. 

Come from the place that you are starting with right now, and you can share those opinions and experiences that you have, and you can build authority starting today regardless of where you are in your business or how much success you've had.

Boost Your Online Presence Step 1 - Positioning

The first step is positioning.

What is positioning and what is this all about?

Well there are two components when it comes to increasing sales and profits. 

The first is positioning and the second is process. 

Process is the marketing system you use which may include your sales funnels and the offers you have in place.

It is critical to creating sales and profits, but process without positioning is not going to get you the results that you need.

Boost Your Online Presence

The Position Pyramid

Pictured above is the positioning pyramid, and if you are looking to create authority in your business then your goal is to try to move up this pyramid. 

You don't need to move all the way to the top in order to start seeing results, but even if you are brand new you want to at least move from the first level to the second level.

The first level is the Generalist, and this is where most business owners start out. 

You know you're a Generalist if you say things like , "I just want to help everybody." 

Even if you feel like your product, service or opportunity can help everyone you need to understand that not everyone wants it.

What you want to do is to become a Specialist which is the next level up. 

You need to separate yourself from the marketplace and find your specialty.

And you'll notice that at every level you move up you're going to increase your profits. 

In the medical profession, for instance, do specialists earn more money than general practitioners? 


Why do Specialists always earn more money than Generalists? 

Because there are more generalists than specialists, so specialists are seen as more valuable. 

If you had a specific problem then would you go to a generalist or would you seek out someone who specializes in that problem you have? 

You would go to a Specialist, right?

So when it comes to increasing your profits you need to at least position yourself as a Specialist in a certain area.

Once you identify what that is then you can focus on developing your skill, knowledge and presence in that specialty in order to become an Expert

And when you become an Expert in that area you give yourself the ability to earn more money.

Next level up is Authority and then finally Celebrity

Everyone has the capacity to move up this positioning pyramid, but again the primary thing I want you to focus on is to at least move from Generalist to Specialist. 

Boost Your Online Presence Step 2 - Belief

The second step is belief, and there are two parts to this.

Belief in Self

The first part is Belief in Self, and I like the following quote from Jim Rohn.

"We get paid for bringing VALUE to the marketplace."

In other words, if you want to increase your income then you need to make yourself MORE valuable to the people you intend to serve.

Your personal value is based on your unique knowledge, skills, experience and your natural talents, strengths, personality and abilities. 

Understand that these are things you already possess.

Your potential to create wealth is then based on how well you translate your personal value into products or services that solve people's problems and help them attain their goals and dreams. 

This is what business is all about. 

This is what the economy is all about. 

If you understand that, then identify the ways that you can become more valuable or how can you bring more value to the marketplace.

Here are 4 ways that you can become more valuable:

OWN IT - you need to fully own the value you already bring to the market
Increase your knowledge through books, courses, events and workshops
Develop key skills through masterminds and coaching
Grow your experience to gain confidence and stay in the game

Belief in Your Brand Promise

The second part of belief is belief in your brand promise.

Every person who sees your content or visits your website is asking themselves the question "Why should I do business with you?"

People are only concerned about solutions for themselves, and so you need to be able to answer this question with confidence.

Your brand promise needs to demonstrate:

WHO you are
WHAT you stand for
WHO you serve
HOW you serve them 
WHAT problem(s) you solve

You can  structure your brand promise into a sentence so that it is very clear for you and for the people you intend to communicate with:

I help (my target market) to (problem they need to solve) so they can (desired outcome they want) without (the challenges they've faced).

Boost Your Online Presence Step 3 - Build Your Audience

The third step is to build your audience. 

These are the people who are going to be most likely interested in buying your products or services.

So how do you build your audience? 

Well, first you need to determine who is your ideal customer. 

In Step 1 we talked about positioning and the importance of moving from a Generalist to a Specialist. 

So based on your specialty what types of problems do you solve? 

What are the characteristics of the people who have these problems?

Then you need to determine where these people are hanging out online. 

Because you will be using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn to communicate with them. 

And the content that you are posting on these platforms are addressing the problems that your ideal customer has.

Remember, based on our definition of authority marketing, you are sharing your credible opinions. 

You are sharing your experiences in a way that will cause others to take action.

This is what building your audience is all about.

In addition to posting content online you will also be building your email list of subscribers. 

This is your most valuable audience because you own your list, and it gives you instant authority.

In Closing

Positioning in the marketplace is all about perception. 

We get to engineer what other's perceive of us when we promote ourselves online.

In addition, your belief is all about perception as well. 

We can look at all the ways that we lack things in our life and how we are not good enough or we can change our perception and look at all the things that we DO have.

To dive deeper into this topic and to really master authority marketing then check out the Instant Authority Method in the Additional Resources section below. 

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