Best Year Ever

Think about what you planned for on January 1st of this year.  

It's often about planning and dreaming as we start the new year,  and then before we know it we are in September.  

When we do a true assessment of where we are, we may realize that things are not going the way we planned. 

What does it look like for you?  

Are you keeping or losing momentum? 

In this episode of Jemima Davis TV - I would like to help you create a really effective way of looking at the past few years so that you can finish this year strong, with clarity and vision to have your best year ever next year. 

Best Year Ever – Looking Back To Move Forward Boldly - Episode 17

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Best Year Ever

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Best Year Ever – Looking Back To Move Forward Boldly

Imagine that it is September, the 9th month into the year.  

Are you well into accomplishing much of what you wanted to accomplish or are you behind? 

This year looking back I gave birth to a few amazing things including a new blog which will allow me to consistently deliver valuable information to you. 

I collaborated as a contributor in a newly released book and enrolled in one of the most challenging development programs that is going to help transform my life.  

Although this year has been exciting, imagine what next year could be like if you looked back with attention and planned ahead with intentionality. 

Rather than doing a year in review, today I want to show you how to do 10 years-in-review.  Then I'll share a tip on how to use your creation in a very unique way.

So you'll need a journal, a pen and some quiet time to think.

In your journal start by writing down the following: 

Best Year Ever #1 – Write down what you are grateful for

Over the past 10 years, what have you done that you're super appreciative for? 

What challenges have you overcome?  

Did you accomplish something meaningful?   

How did you figure that out?  

Going back ten years may be a big deal so jog your memory by checking your old calendars, journals, emails, or memories on your social media accounts. 

This may require a little bit of time, but you'll have a chance to stop and honor the progress you've made up to now.   

Life is busy enough and often filled with what ifs, which can be emotional downers. 

What have you accomplished, physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally? 

Once you write down that list, pick 1-3 of those things listed that stand out the most, and give thanks a little more.  

When you understand what actions led to succeed that insight will help you make better choices 

Best Year Ever #2 – Leverage your learnings

What wise experiences have you learned over the past ten years?

Which brought you the most clarity? 

This can be in your business or career or family and friendships.

Sometimes you can identify your lessons from your mistakes.

Yes, those failures count too.  

We make mistakes based on patterned behavior and so identifying those lessons will help you from making the same mistakes. 

Gaining wisdom and understanding will help you avoid pitfalls. 

Best Year Ever #3 – Release the things and people holding you back

Make a list of all the things you are willing to let go of.  

Are there any unfinished projects that are on your mind taking up space for new things that could move in?  

Perhaps its the things you never got done.  

Are there expectations of others that are weighing your mind down? 

Give those negative thoughts eviction notice today.  

What are some obstacles that could be taking over space in your mind? 

Is it anger, hurt, disappointment, blame? 

Forgive those thoughts you've had.  

What narratives are no longer true in your life now that you keep rewinding over and over in your mind? 

Are you thinking that you're too old, too young, or that you don't have enough experience, not enough resources or skillset?   

All of these examples are keeping you from operating at your highest level of capacity. 

Belief is crucial in order to get the results you are looking for. 

Remember that letting go is more about finding freedom for yourself and less about what or who you release.  

What's the number one thing that you want to let go of before the new year begins? 

And remember I promised to share a unique way for you to use this map. 

What if you shared your map with trusted friends and family and then encouraged them to do one themselves? 

This way you can share what is important to you and support each other. 

In Closing

Allow this exercise to let you dream.  

What are some of your heart's desires?  

Is it to achieve more, to create financial freedom in your lifetime or be an example for the next generation?  

Is it to answer to your calling?  

Are you wanting to build stronger relationships through your business or within your family?  

How will you choose to share your time and talents?  

Is there a dream project that you desire to launch? 

Perhaps a business you know would help others?  

Write your dreams down and make them plain.  

Why do they matter?  

Lastly identify the top 3 goals you'd like to achieve within the next year.  

Why would you want to accomplish them? 

What habits will you have to develop in order to become that person?  

What tools will you need to support you?  

Would your future self be proud of your commitment? 

And remember if you are looking for ways to increase your income then I recommend that you grab my MOMpreneur Home Business Idea Guide that will go over 5 legitimate ways to make money from home without taking a whole bunch of time away from your kids.

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