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Have you ever wondered if there’s MORE to life than being a MOM?

That there’s something BIG out there waiting for you or you have something burning inside, challenging you to contribute and make an impact? That sense of conviction never goes away, even when you become a mother. That was me back in 2013 after leaving the workforce as a Recertification Coordinator in the field of Foster Care when I gave birth to my third child.

As an Outsider looking in, my life looked pretty good. Full-time stay-at-home mommy. No more 9-5 Grind. Husband had a good-paying stable job with benefits. Yet there was something that did not feel right. It drove me nuts waking up each morning catering to everyone else's needs while I had to further suppress my own goals and dreams. There was so much catching up to do, more that I desired to accomplish, but I felt stuck.  

Then I was reminded of a course that I took in the past called SHAPE which speaks of the gifts that each one of us possess and how we were created uniquely for a purpose. If a vision had been birthed in me then I needed to act on it in order for it to be fulfilled. 

I realized it was fear that was holding me back. Could I really do it? Do I have what it takes? Will my kids be neglected in the process? The side gig that I had going on would only materialize into a real business if I equipped myself with more skills. Although I believed that I was created for a purpose that only I could accomplish I knew that I would not be able to reach success on my own.

Taking My Business Online

I was looking for a way to build my business online as I desired to be home for my young kids. After searching online I found a group of successful entrepreneurs who devoted their lives teaching others how to use the internet to attract buyers. This was exactly what I needed.

Honestly it took me several years to apply the systems that they teach. Learning marketing is simple but not easy. It took me months to commit to learning and applying the teachings and then I began to see a shift.

  • - I went from not understanding at all what it meant to use social media to understanding clearly how to build an audience, engage with them, and make sales.
  • - I finally began to have people reaching out to me simply by attracting them the right way.
  • - I learned how to scale and have multiple platforms work together simultaneously to generate automated sales.
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It has been an incredible journey from then to now. I have been introduced to tools, resources, training, coaches...everything that I needed to stop thinking and start doing. I am grateful for the opportunity to speak on stages to tell my story and teach my marketing strategies to thousands of entrepreneurs. Still I continue to remain inspired because there is more to be done. I know it could be better because there is a missing ingredient: YOU! 

There is a proverb that says if you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together. It is wiser to learn from someone who's been there and can share from their failures and wins.

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