My son was overjoyed when he received his online video game system as a gift.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he had spent nearly two years with little contact with pals, and here was a new way to stay connected while being entertained. 

BUT it didn't take me long to recognize he was developing an unhealthy addiction.  

As Moms, we want our children to enjoy a happy childhood while also adopting good habits that will benefit them in the future. 

When it comes to after school activities, however, children's methods of entertainment are frequently not constructive AT ALL.

So, what are some better solutions for achieving a healthier balance without going broke? 

I'd like to share 6 Free After School Activities to Keep Kids Off Video Games to help reduce some of the anxiety you may be experiencing right now.

6 Free After School Activities to Keep Kids Off The Video Games - Episode 1

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6 Free After School Activities to Keep Kids Off The Video Games

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6 Free After School Activities to Keep Kids Off The Video Games

Let's dive in and go over these 6 free after school activities to keep kids off the video games...

After School Activities #1 - Clean and Organize

Okay, hear me out. 

I am starting off with one of the least desirable things our kids want to do. 

If you’re like me, the thought of deep cleaning and organizing your home is one that often pops into your head, and often put to the side at the thought of having to “waste” a weekend day to take it on. 

Sometimes schedules are so full that tidying up, gets pushed back.

So, use this after-school time to tidy up, organize, and...

After School Activities #2 - Separate and Donate

As you organize, it’s a perfect time to go one step further and designate what you want to keep or purge. 

Clothes, toys, and everything else might be cluttering up your space. 

In our home, we explain why sharing from our overflow to those in need is so important. Sorting through all the “stuff” to separate non-essentials, is super important because when it piles up, it is a source of stress.

After School Activities #3 - Go Swimming

Swimming is a great form of exercise. 

I was recently attempting to figure out how to get my kids into the pool more frequently for free.

After extensive research and spending money at private clubs, I discovered that I could actually take them for free, swimming at a local swim club.

To say the least, I was ecstatic!

All I had to do was go to my city's association, which provides secure and healthy surroundings for both members and non-members.

Residents of the city could participate in activities such as splashing, swimming, and ice skating.

The fantastic thing is that our kids adore it and never miss their gaming toys while they are away from them!

After School Activities #4 - Do a Scavenger Hunt

This activity is great because you can do it both indoors and outdoors. 

My children range between the ages of 8 and 12 and still enjoy scavenger hunts. 

Be creative, go online and printout some scavenger hunt game ideas and clues. 

Depending on the structure of your home, your kids can be very creative in coming up with hiding places.

Use couches, jars, under pillows, bathtubs, in pots, drawers, closets, etc. 

If you want to save time you can make the clues creative like “I’m in the kitchen, and you’ll never eat me, but Scruffy the dog loves to greet me” for your stored dog snacks. 

Or if you have plenty of time and enjoy making the clues more elaborate, hide treats to be found.

After School Activities #5 - Fill Up a Wish Bin With Their Lovable 'Knick Knacks'

Pay attention to the things your children Love. 

This activity requires for you to write down the things they casually mention during conversations. 

Things like dolls, balls, artsy stuff, journals, books, cooking, sightseeing, marbles, headbands, writing, traveling, etc. 

What are some of the things they say they are interested in? 

Build upon their ideas. 

Work with your close mom friends to exchange toys and things that are gently used that you can add. 

The trick to this activity is to make sure the stash of items that you will gather for your child is age appropriate. 

It is a stash that they can go dig into when you schedule time-out from the gaming systems.

After School Activities #6 - Have Dinner Together

This activity is beneficial in more ways than one. 

You get to enjoy a meal together. 

Food is a neutralizer, and can create instant connection among those who share it. 

Having a meal as a family consistently throughout the week helps to solidify your bond, catch up on how everyone is doing and even discuss topics at an age-appropriate level. 

I have found ways to talk about our family’s view on culture, sex, spirituality, dating, diet, likes, dislikes, purpose, etc. during dinner time.

BONUS: Seven Additional After School Activities

The sky is the limit to how many free after school activities there are that you can incorporate in your kids schedule to help them spend time away from the video games. 

Here are seven additional after school activities based on your kids ages and family dynamics: 

Go to the neighborhood park
Read a book
Make a movie
Take a hike
Visit a local nursing home
Start long term projects of your child’s choosing and break it down into achievable steps

In Closing

Hopefully, this training episode on 6 Free After School Activities to Keep Kids Off The Video Games will help reduce some of the anxiety you may be experiencing right now.

Be patient and understand the psychology behind what you are dealing with. Plan ahead, push yourself and your kids to come out healthier, sharper, or wiser on the other side.

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