3 Tips to Find Your Purpose As A Mom

What happens to your dreams when you become a mom?  

Do they go away or grow?  

How do you find your purpose

There is joy in raising kids, but don’t forget about YOU as you love and serve your family.

I'd like to share a few tips and tricks to help you find your purpose as a mother.

3 Tips to Find Your Purpose as a Mom - Episode 3

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3 Tips to Find Your Purpose as a Mom

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3 Tips to Find Your Purpose as a Mom

Let's dive in and go over the 3 to find your purpose as a mom...

Tip #1 - Act

Many moms want to feel fulfilled but struggle to find exactly what their purpose is.

However, like most things, it is hard to find your purpose until you act. 

Think about the things that you had loved to do in the past but maybe have not made time to do since becoming a mom.

What have you always been passionate about?

Is it gardening? 

Is it singing? 

Is it writing?

Is it running?

What are some of those things that you can do today in order to find out whether or not your purpose may lie within a particular activity? 

Just get out and try different things that you are interested in, but haven’t gotten around to doing.

Sometimes that may mean that you need to find a hobby which can create some fun and adventure. 

It may help you discover what your passion is that can lead to finding your purpose.

While the amount of free time we have changes in every stage of life, there is usually always a spare 30 minutes here or there!

Instead of filling this time with Netflix or Instagram, practice on your hobby!

Tip #2 - Love Your Stage in Life

It is so easy to go through life always looking forward to what is ahead of us.

We’re impatiently trying to get to the next stage without embracing the present moment.

Your season right now may be changing diapers, but you can't wait until your child is potty-trained.

Your child is walking all around the house, and you are longing for the day that you don't have to keep your eye on them all the time.   

Before you know it, your babies will be adolescents and all that time would have passed by in a blur.

So enjoy the present. 

It goes by fast!

Live with a thankful heart, and stop comparing your situation with others.

Your purpose in life may be completely different than another mom. 

Understand that each one of us were created with our own DNA, and we are unlike anyone else!

Love it!

Tip #3 - Make Self-Care a Priority

This will look different for each one of us, but it is so important! 

For some, it may mean catching up with a girlfriend for coffee.

It could be going for a walk in the morning with another mom, or you could take a walk by yourself with your child as you push the stroller.

It is really about scheduling the time in your schedule to have that break.

You may consider waking up an hour earlier to fit your self-care in! 

Whether you feel refreshed after meditating, yoga class, or a bubble bath, take a few minutes each day to relax and reconnect with yourself. 

In addition, be sure to stay connected with friends.

It is really important to bring in the energy of other people that are positive around you that could enhance the level of self-care beyond what you could do for yourself alone.

We all need other moms that we can rely on. 

While it can be difficult to schedule this time, it can be done! 

When you feel good about yourself, you can then focus on helping others so that you can fulfill and find your purpose

In Closing

If you are feeling overwhelmed and struggling to find your purpose, know that you are not alone! 

Every mom must find a way to blend their purpose as a mother with their other passions and interests. 

It can be done! 

Find a mom you trust or has more experience and ask how she has been able to find meaning in motherhood and life!

Also be sure to check the additional resources and trainings below on how you can develop and find your purpose as mom.

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